Why Pay Tax?

Paying taxes is an obligation for taxpayers, as outlined in the Taxpayer Charter. The reasons for paying taxes include:

  • Supporting Public Services: Taxes fund essential public services and infrastructure that benefit society, such as education, healthcare, and transportation.
  • Legal Duty: It is a legal requirement to pay taxes as per the relevant tax laws.
  • Social Responsibility: Paying taxes is part of the social contract between citizens and the government, contributing to the common good.
  • Maintaining Government Functions: Taxes are necessary for the government to function and provide services to the public.
  • Promoting Equity: A fair tax system aims to distribute the financial burden equitably among citizens based on their ability to pay.

The Taxpayer Charter emphasizes the tax administration’s commitment to making the process of paying taxes as simple, efficient, and equitable as possible, ensuring that the system is streamlined, accessible, and responsive to taxpayer needs.

Source: www.lankatax.net

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